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This is an application for a building permit.

Please include all attachments at once. Once you click submit/accept you will not be able to attach any more documents. You may also submit plans to

List of Contractors: A list of contractors is included with this application. You may leave it blank if you do not know who your contractors are yet but this may delay review of your application. No permits will be issued without all required contractor information.

Bonds, Insurance & Licenses: The General Contractor must have a surety bond (also known as a permit & license bond) on file with the City of Lafayette in the amount of $5,000 min. and listing the city as an obligee. The Electrician must be licensed by the city and have a current certificate of insurance on file listing the city as a certificate holder. The Plumber must be licensed by the State of Indiana. HOMEOWNERS EXEMPTION: Single Family Residences Only - If you are the homeowner and the location is or will be your primary residence you or an immediate relative may do the general contract work and electrical work by providing a copy of your homeowner insurance (declarations page) in place of the requirements listed above. Plumbing must be done by a State of Indiana licensed plumber with no exceptions.

Plans: A set of plans (or at minimum a scope of work) should be included with this application. You may submit the plans anytime prior to submission by clicking on the paper clip attachment icon in the upper left hand corner. You may also submit plans or other documents seperately by emailing For commercial projects, a full set of hardcopy plans should be sent to 20 N 6th St, Lafayette, IN 47901 ATTN: Engineer's Office.

Owner Authorization: If you are not the deeded owner or legal agent you must have the deeded owner or legal agent submit a seperate owner authorization form (this can be found on our applications page).

Payment: Payment will be made after your application is reviewed and approved. We will send an invoice once your application is approved and all required submittals have been made.

Citizen Self-Service (CSS): After submitting this application you can view the status of your applcation by going to our CSS page at


Engineering Dept. - Permits & Licenses
City of Lafayette, IN
(765) 807-1050
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