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Application for New Commercial Service (Owning)

We require 1-3 business days for us to process your application. We will contact you if we need additional information. You will received a call or email once your application has been processed.

If your water is off, please contact our office at 765-807-1100 after applying. Thank you for your patience.
**Any past due balance will need to be paid before signing up for service.

-Complete the Commercial Water Application

-Attach 2 forms of ID for the responsible party

-We will need to verify ownership. Please attach the closing statement, warranty deed, or prepossession paperwork to save time

-There will be a $12 application fee assessed on the first statement
Please check that you agree before continuing.
By continuing I agree that I am willing to complete a digital version of the document(s) and that information about my user session will be stored.
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Closing statement, warranty deed, or prepossession agreement Click Here to Upload